What I ate today (Saturday version) | Vegan

Hi guys

For the second time I tried to film a what I ate today video. This time I did it. I managed to film everything I ate.


2 slices of whole wheat bread toasted with vegan butter and violife cheese with tomato and basil flavour

2 cups coffee with almond milk

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Veggie pasta sauce

Hi guys

So where to start.

When we came home from our vacation, everything was really hectic.

I’ve not had any time extra to do a blog post or anything else for that matter. But I managed to shoot a new video at lunch time the other day when my youngest was sleeping. But editing it has taking me quite a few days with both kids still home. The kindergarten is still closed ’cause of summer vacations.


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Vegan Breadsticks

Hi everyone

As you may know, we always have a pizza party here at our house on Friday nights, most of the time, we have my sister and her family over. Some Fridays we have friends over. When I have left over pizza dough, I always make bread sticks. This recipe is my favorite. The nutritional yeast acts like parmesan.


This is as good as it looks like!

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Vegan mushroom risotto

Hello everyone!

I’ve never in my life been a big fan of risotto, until I made my own vegan version of the veggie risotto. I love it so much that I wanted to make another version of a risotto for you guys and me of course.

The most talked about risotto I’ve heard of is the mushroom risotto. I tried it couple of times, and now I have made another video, with the vegan mushroom risotto recipe. I’m feeling very brave and I did a voice over on this video. I’m just starting this video thing very slowly.


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Black bean burger

Hi everyone

Last week I started this blog post and thought I’d saved it, but hey guess what?!  I didn’t, the next day when I was going to finnish it I was so pissed that I just didn’t do anything haha. Sorry about that guys.

Okay these black bean burgers are so good, and such a good treat on a weekend for the whole family.


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