Berry smoothie

Hi guys!

My classmates and I went to a hot yoga class today that one of the girl in the class was teaching, it was amazingly good. When I came home I made this Yummy smoothie for me and the kids.


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Grocery haul #2

Hi Guys

Just wanted to let you know that I just added a new Video on my YouTube channel.

It is a grocery haul where I filmed everything that I bought after I got home from the store. I had fun filming it, but when editing I realized that I’m not so good at looking into the Camera. I will fix that next time when I make a talking Video.

Here it is. Everything mentioned is listed below the Video.

I hope this gives you some ideas of what I eat.

Until next time ❤

P.S. I’ve changed all my social media logos. Go check it out.


Homemade granola

Hi guys 🙂

So as I told you couple of days ago, there was a company here in Iceland who started  importing sojade soy yogurt. Wich many people are very thrilled about.

I’m that kind of a person who doesn’t like to eat just a plain yogurt. I want to have something crunchy in it. Most of the time I just use store-bought cereal, and that’s fine sometimes. But I really wanted something new this morning so I just made something new. Well this is not difficult in any way or very much original I know that. But I made Homemade granola as you saw in the title of course.


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Breakfast week?

Hi You ! 🙂

So this morning a went straight back home after I drove the kids to daycare, ’cause I need to do some homework before I leave for school. When I was home I needed some breakfast, so I thought why not do a kind of Breakfast week on my blog. Why?


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