Chocolate peanut butter cookies

Hello everyone

My kids and I are getting down with some flu. After school I came home and searched youtube for something yummy.

So I made the Vegan Zombie Chocolate peanut butter cookies. I wanted something comforting for us after school.

They sounded so good. So I tried them. They are amazingly good.


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Trail mix

Hello guys

Since school started again, I’ve been obsessed with trail mix. I love to take a good trail mix with me to school, it can keep you satisfied for an hour or so until it’s lunch time.


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Chocolate peanut butter cup | Vegan, Easy

Hello everybody.

Such a long time since I made a blog post that did not have a video embedded in to it. But here it is.

Sundays are one of my favourite days, the kids are most of the time so relaxed and enjoy playing with their toys so I can clean the house and do some experiments in the kitchen.


Today I made me a treat for my afternoon coffee. It only has two ingredients.

Dark chocolate and peanut butter of your choice.

I love the crunchy peanut butter so of course I used my favourite.


100 g Dark chocolate

2 tsp peanut butter

Melt half of the chocolate in a microwave or in a double boiler.

Add the chocolate to a small muffin case or a cupcake case. Depends on how big you want you peanut butter cup to be. I used this tiny dessert cases I bought in IKEA.

You want to add just a bottom full of the chocolate and put your cases in to the freezer for 5 minutes. Then you add half a teaspoon of peanut butter on top. Finally you melt the rest of the chocolate and add on top and back in the freezer for 10 minutes.

This was a very nice treat to have with my coffee. The best thing is that it was a small treat, it reminded me of a chocolate you get with your coffee in coffee shops. But they are of course almost never vegan.

This recipe made about 4 small cases, probably 2 if you use regular cupcake cases.

I hope you try this

Until next time ❤


Cocolate lover

It’s no secret that I love chocolate and I’m a chocolateholic.

When we were in Germany I found in this amazing vegan section at the citti-park a Wal-Mart alike store, I found two types of chocolate spreads, one I had seen before in Iceland, but then I found one that I had never seen in Iceland, so I had to take both, because I knew one of them was really good, the other one must be good. Damn I was right. I have found a new love the I can’t buy in Iceland, I can’t see how that’s going to work. haha


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May favorites | Vegan food

Almost one year into my blog, it has to be time for my first favorites. I was going to make a video, but guys I chickened out of it.

I love watching those favorite videos, specially on healthy foods,  cruelty free cosmetics and beauty stuff.

This time I’m going to do a vegan food favorite. But you already know that ’cause it says in the title.

First up is:


Veggyness Tiny hot dogs

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