Reykjavík Marathon

Hi guys

For the second time I ran the Reykjavík marathon last weekend, like last year I ran 10k and this year I ran 1 minute faster than last year. I was quite happy with my run this year because I felt like I had a bit more left after it  was done. If I can practice a lot next summer then maybe I’ll go 21k (half a marathon)

I ran for a good cause, the same one as last year. Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). This year I didn’t raise as much money as last year, but my girlfriends son who has Duchenne he ran 3k and raised a lot of money him self.


The positive thing about this all is that we raised a fair amount of money to donate to the American DMD organization.

If you would like to donate you can do it here

Until next time ❤



Color Run Iceland

Hello my beautiful followers.

Today I ran with a good friend of mine, in the first ever Color Run Iceland. We signed up in the beginning of the year in the pre sale ’cause we did not want to miss this.

Finally the day arrived 6th of June! We were so excited. We had to wait in line for like 30 minutes before we could see the start line. But it was so worth it. There were soo so many people who signed up. They said it was about 16000 tickets sold. No joke! There are only 300000 that live in Iceland !



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Happy new year ! :)

Happy new year everyone 🙂

The year 2014 was very good for our family, we moved to a new apartment, my baby boy started in daycare and we had a wonderfull time with my in-laws in Norway. My sister had a baby boy and he is my godson.

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Breakfast week?

Hi You ! 🙂

So this morning a went straight back home after I drove the kids to daycare, ’cause I need to do some homework before I leave for school. When I was home I needed some breakfast, so I thought why not do a kind of Breakfast week on my blog. Why?


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10k completed !

Hello Everybody !

For the first time in my whole life I ran 10k in a marathon. The Reykjavík Marathon was on Saturday the 23th of August. My dad and I ran for a good cause in the marathon. He ran half of a marathon, while I ran 10k. Both of us had so much fun, and we are so thankful for that experience.

My dad and I :)

My dad and I 🙂

We both donated money to the Duchenne organization here in Iceland. But they send their money to the American DMD organization. As you can maybe see on the T-shirt I’m wearing in the photo it says in Icelandic: “cure Duchenne (DMD)”.


The reason for our donation is that my good friend has two boys that both have DMD. You can read more about the syndrome in the link below.

I had the best time while I was running. But I was so tired the rest of the day and the next day. But I’m just so proud of my dad and my self, and of course every runner that ran for the DMD organization! Well done everybody.


Now I really want to do better next year and finish on a better time than this year.

I hope you all had a very lovely weekend.  Mine was awesome. My Sunday night was spent with my good friend Justin Timberlake on his concert here in Iceland.


Until Next Time