Ice coffee drink | Vegan

Hello everyone

You may not know this but I love coffee, my favourite has been double soy latte for a long time. When we were travelling I loved having Ice soy latte, but I could not get the cream on top and everything cause that’s not Vegan.

When I came back I made this amazing ice coffee recipe.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 11.46.31

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Oatly love

For the first time in my life I tried the Oatly products last week.

I found both Oatly milk with calcium and Oatly ice-cream with vanilla here in Norway where I’m staying.


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Blood orange juice

Hi everyone 🙂

It’s still snowing here in Iceland while the stores are putting spring clothing in the windows. That’s lame because it’s still -3°C here.

But this morning I really felt like I wanted some summer in my life , so I made this amazing quick and easy juice for my self and of course you guys 😉


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Strawberry “milk”shake

Hi everyone 🙂

My last night at my parents house, I made this amazing “milk”shakes for everyone who wanted to try it. We brought with us from Reykjavík vanilla and chocolate rice milk ice cream by Bonvita. Because you cant buy them where my parents live. The ice cream is so good on its own but in the milkshake OMG ! So good and refreshing. Dóri my boyfriend loved it, and he is a BIG fan of the real milkshakes.


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Vegan Hot Chocolate


Sorry guys I have not put up the pizza recipe as I promised. It will be up as soon as I can. The pics are ready and everything.

But here comes a very short one. My head is stuck in the books. I’m Studying for food science exam and chemistry exam. So the time is very limited on the internet for the next 2 weeks but after that you will drown in good Christmasy recipes.

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