Traveling <3

Hi everyone

As you may have seen on the blog, we are on a vacation. We started the trip in Billund, Denmark, from there we drove to Sonderborg, Denmark. We were in a Summer house there with my family in-law. We stayed in the summer-house for a week, we used that week to travel around in Denmark and to Germany. Germany is a heaven for Vegans. We traveled a bit around there, we went to the Scandinavian park, and to Flensburg. In the Citti-park mall in Flensburg there was a store like Wall Mart that had everything you needed and they had a special rack for vegans. I tried some new things there.


We also went to Legoland Billund, I had been there before so I had seen many of the things. But the kids and Dóri were going for the first time and we all loved it. Dóri took a lot of photos. If you have not been there and you are driving in Denmark. Go there. You will love it.

IMG_2453 IMG_2454 IMG_2464 IMG_2472 IMG_2478 IMG_2481 IMG_2491 IMG_2496 IMG_2501


Next was to drive up to Norway to stay with my in-laws for about 2 weeks.

We drove from Sonderborg on Saturday morning to Lokken in the northern part of Denmark. There was this beautiful beach, and amazing down town area with old houses and old brick pavements. We walked around there for an hour or so. Such a beautiful town.

Eva LokkenFjölla

Bright and early the next day we drove from Lokken to Hirsthals where we took a boat over to Norway. The boat trip was 4 hours. On the boat was everything you needed, a breakfast buffet for example,  it was not perfect but I could have a lot of fresh and dried fruits, nuts, oats, and bread. There was also a duty-free store. Kids room, where the kids could draw, do a puzzle and watch a movie. The best thing though was to go out and see the view.

IMG_2547 IMG_2573



We came to shore at Langesund in Norway from there we drove for 8 hours to my in-laws house. They live on the west coast of Norway, so it took a while to drive to Romsdalen.


The kids are loving to stay with their grandparents here in Norway and it is so nice to have a relaxing vacation here in Norway. Sitting on the porch and sunbathe when the sun is out.

We will stay here for couple more days, then we will travel back to Iceland. Then you will see more of food blogs, and hopefully more videos.

Hope you are having a great vacation if you are on a vacation like us.

Until next time ❤



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