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Hello guys

Sorry about the lack of blogs right now. It’s harder than you think to blog while on vacation. We have had very little time to relax, most of the time we are driving around and the WiFi is crap.


Couple of days ago we went to Germany  to shop. We are in a summer-house in Denmark so it only takes us one hour to drive there.  We were shopping in the Scandinavian park which is a store on the borders of Denmark and Germany.  They sell  I think every Sante product that  exist. So I was in heaven there and bought a lot of Sante products.

Sante is made in Germany so it was easy to find.

sante 1

What I bought was:

  • Sante deo spray Goji power.
  • Sante Shampoo Volume with Goji & Melone scent
  • Sante Shampoo Treatment with Ginkgo & Olive scent
  • Sante Liquid Soap with Aloe & Limone scent.

sante 2

  • Sante 24 hour Cream
  • Sante concealer
  • Sante lipstick in colour NR. 13
  • Sante volume Mascara

I’m so in love with these products. They are very nice.

If you have not tried any of them you should try.

I had tried the Sante treatment shampoo before and loved it, so I knew something about this brand.

I Hope you try it. I like it a lot.

Until next time ❤



One thought on “New in: Beauty | Sante naturkosmetik

  1. RavishingRoses says:

    Oh I will have to give these a go! Love this post would be amazing if you could check out my latest post too xxx


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