Packing for vacation| Beauty

Hi girls and boys

I wanted to show you what I pack for my beauty bag while traveling. We are leaving for Billund, Denmark soon so I’m packing our bags. Here are some of the things I pack to take with me beauty related.

First up is my make up bag. This is a bag that lays flat when you open.

The name of it is Lay-n-Go Cosmo. This is amazing when traveling.

Most of my products are from elf, the body shop and LA girl. I also love EMANI. I only have two products from them though, lipstick and a bronzer.


Next is the skin and hair care.

Of course I’m bringing with me the cream cleanser from the body shop and the aqua boost cream. 

Then I have dr. Organic deodorant in the scent Tee tree. Locobase cream and finally my Everyday Volume shampoo by Nutribiotic.

I’m hoping to buy some new products while I’m traveling. I need a new mascara for example.

Maybe I’ll make a haul for you guys when I’m back home.

I will still be blogging when I’m gone so you’ll see some photos of our travel.

Until next time ❤



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