May favorites | Vegan food

Almost one year into my blog, it has to be time for my first favorites. I was going to make a video, but guys I chickened out of it.

I love watching those favorite videos, specially on healthy foods,  cruelty free cosmetics and beauty stuff.

This time I’m going to do a vegan food favorite. But you already know that ’cause it says in the title.

First up is:


Veggyness Tiny hot dogs

This last month we have been using our outdoor grill a lot. The kids always eat at least 2 pieces, they love it. The bad thing about this is how expensive it is.



Glass of water is just so much more fun with lime or lime juice in it. I also use it in Guacamole, asian cooking, mexican cooking, so many things.


Corn on the cob

There is no outdoor grilling here in this house with out corn on the cob. This is the best thing I know of in the summer time, the down side is how hard it is to find here in Iceland and how expensive it can be, but it of course depends on which store you can find it in. But this is something that everyone in this house eats and loves. It has to be the fresh one though, the frozen ones are not as good.


Panda liquorice

This is a vegan Liquorice, you will see it in action in a recipe soon, but I know this is not everyone’s cup of tea. Liquorice has been very popular in Iceland for years. We have liquorice alcohol and a lot of other things too.


First cherries I have found in Iceland this summer, they are sooooo good. I just love cherries so much.


Dark Chocolate

Okay this is not just a May fave, I would eat chocolate all day long if I could. This is an Icelandic brand of chocolate, always known for its good quality in baking. But I can eat it just like is, and I use this chocolate in all my baking when it requires a dark chocolate.


Soba Buckwheat noodles.

My love for noodles has not stopped since last fall. I only use more types of noodles since last time I featured them on my blog if something.  I love noodles. These babes I use most for stir fry.

I hope you enjoyed my first ever favorites, I would love to make a beauty favorites too. Maybe in June 🙂

Until next time ❤


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