New in: Beauty

So Girls and maybe boys.

The other day I lost it a bit on the e.l.f website and ordered 3 new things and the week before that I had spent a bit more money than I was going to in The Body Shop.

I thought you maybe wanted to see some of those things so here it is. All Cruelty-free of course.


e.l.f eyebrow pencil. 

I was not sure about this when I placed my order. But I was very curious. So I did it anyway and I’m impressed. I like it a lot more than I thought I would do. The colour match is perfect, and it slides very easily on.


e.l.f moisturizing lipstick 

This product I was very surprised by, it’s more like a lip balm then lipstick I think, but it has a very nice pigment. The colour is beautiful and it feels very nice on the lips. I have the colour Wink Pink


e.l.f small stippling brush 

Okay there are a couple of things about this one. I like the size of it very much, and I like the finish it gives, I like in some ways to use it, but I think it is not a very nice brush for the under eye area for example. I feel like the hair on the brush irritate my under eye area when I apply my concealer.


The body shop – vitamin E night cream. 

I have a very dry skin at certain areas. So I like to use very rehydrating cream at night-time to sleep with so there is some chance that my skin is okay in the morning. This is quite a heavy cream, it has a  thick consistency. Mine is a travel size.


The body shop – vitamin E aqua boost sorbet

My sister gave me a cream like this for Christmas and I loved it so much I went back last week and bought me another pot of it. It is rehydrating but not a very heavy cream like the night cream. It’s a much lighter formula. It perfect for everyday use. I also feel like it’s perfect under my make up, my skin does not get oily on the eyelids ect when I use it underneath my foundation.


NutriBiotic – everyday Volume shampoo

This is something I bought today so I’ll keep you posted on how I like it.

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I hope you enjoyed this unusual post from me, I’ve not made a beauty post since my Vegan cuts beauty box months ago.

I will do more of these posts, maybe one a month or so.

Until next time ❤



Disclaimer: I’m not a make up artist or a skin care specialist so this is just thoughts I have on these products. And how I feel like is to use them. Links are amazon affiliate links.


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