Leftover stir fry with mushrooms

Hello everyone 🙂

How are you with leftovers?

I can be so bad with leftover food! Some of them I do not know why I keep, but sometimes it makes something very delicious.

That is what happened today, I had a couple of things in my fridges that I needed to use before it went bad. So I whipped up this leftover stir fry with mushrooms.



So in my fridges I had a mix of wild rice and barley. Chestnut mushrooms and rucola.



This is the easiest thing ever. Cut down your mushrooms, onion and garlic.

Add the vegetables to a hot skillet with a drizzle of olive oil. Stir frequently until the onion is translucent then add the tamari sauce and rice barley mix. Season with black pepper.


When everything is hot and ready to eat, add your rucola and drizzle a bit more oil on top I used Chilly oil for a bit more flavour. You could also use garlic oil.


This took me just 10 minutes and I even made a bit more than I could eat for lunch so I can eat this again for dinner.


I would say the recipe is for 2 people

2 Tbsp olive oil

1 small yellow onion

1-2 garlic cloves

100 gr of chestnut mushrooms

50 gr of withe button mushrooms

3 cups of leftover rice or barley or even quinoa.

1/2-1 tsp tamari sauce or soy sauce

Handful of rucola (you could also use leftover spinach)

pepper to taste

drizzle of oil of your choice in the end. (I used chilly oil)


If you love mushrooms like I do, I hope you try this recipe next time you have leftover rice.

Until next time ❤



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