Avocado toast 

Hello Happy Easter !

If there is one thing I’ve loved more than other over this easter weekend it has to be avocado toast. Every morning I’ve had an avocado toast. It took me so long to even try avocado on toasted bread but I had never imagined that I would love it so much.


It’s crunchy, it’s hot and the avocado makes toast so much better.

I do it the most easiest way possible


Mash the avocado on a plate , squeeze a bit of lemon juice on top and season with tiny bit of salt and pepper. It can’t go wrong.

Most of the time I have two slices of bread and it is perfect to mash one small avocado for the two slices

Recipe for one toast 

1/2 avocado

1/2 tsp lemon juice

Salt and pepper to taste

I really hope you try, specially if you are hesitant like I was.

I hope you had a wonderful time with your families this easter 🙂

Until next time ❤



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