Vegan Hot Chocolate


Sorry guys I have not put up the pizza recipe as I promised. It will be up as soon as I can. The pics are ready and everything.

But here comes a very short one. My head is stuck in the books. I’m Studying for food science exam and chemistry exam. So the time is very limited on the internet for the next 2 weeks but after that you will drown in good Christmasy recipes.

It’s a Vegan hot chocolate recipe that is very traditional here in Iceland specially for the holiday season. So here it is.

Hot Chocolate

200 grams  vegan dark chocolate.

1 liter of non-dairy milk. (I used rice and almond 50/50)

1/2 cup or so of water.

1 tsp salt.

So you add your chocolate and water to a saucepan. Add the non-dairy milk in and wait till it reaches boil. Then take it of. This is often served with whipped cream on top.

I’m going to try the coconut milk cream on top over the holidays. I’ll let you now how it is and but in a recipe for that later. But this time I was just trying the recipe to see if it worked with non-dairy milk. And it did. IMG_2582

I cant wait till my exams are over so I can start putting up more recipes.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day.

Until next time.



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