Noodles, noodles and more noodles.

Hello everybody!

This summer I became obsessed with noodles. And I mean obsessed. I’ve been looking up on the internet so many types of noodle recipes , noodle soup, noodle dishes, noodle bowl, spicy, non-spicy. I just love noodles right now! In Iceland there is this Asian restaurant that serves so many good varieties of noodles. Buckwheat, rice noodles etc. My favorite is the buckwheat noodles. But I have not found any good buckwheat noodles in the Asian stores or the Vietnamese stores yet. I’ll keep looking until I can find a good type of buckwheat noodles.

For now I made this wheat noodle recipe, the name of the noodles are Traditional noodles. 124_9694_Traditional_Noodles__Yellow_

These noodles are sold in every store in Iceland so they are really easy to find. They are made from wheat and the yellow color in them comes from turmeric I think. They are really nice and especially ’cause they are so easy to find, they are not expensive and they taste good.

This recipe only requires 6 ingredients. Yes you read right, only 6 ingredients! So easy and simple.

First of all start boiling water to put the noodles in as is says on the packed.



.. Cut the vegetables.


Put everything in a skillet or a sauce pan. Let the veggies sauté.

when the noodles are ready, drain the water


and add noodles to the veggie blend.

I put tamari sauce on my noodles when everything is ready. But you can choose what ever Asian vegan/vegetarian sauce you like.


Voila 🙂

I like my noodle bowl with a sprinkle of cashew nuts.

Recipe is for 4 people

1 package of Traditional noodles.

1/2 a Leek, diced

4-5 Carrots (depends on how big they are)

1 slice of cabbage , diced

100 g approx broccoli florets 

1 Tbsp Tamari sauce

handful of broken cashews. (optional)

This is one of my simple favorites. I hope you try it. You wont regret it.

Until next time



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