Vegetable Risotto

Hello !

Now when the autumn is here I really fancy more heavy food. Like hot soups and stews even. This is something I really enjoy on a cold autumn evening. A lot of vegetables from the farmers market or even just your local grocery store. In my grocery store they have this “farmers market” inside the store. Icelandic produce form farmers around Reykjavík where I live.


For this recipe I took everything that I liked and wanted to eat out of my fridge and then I just started cutting. I find it calming to cut vegetables if I’m very stressed( if my kids or not hanging on my leg).

When everything was cut down to the size I wanted, I put it in a large skillet pan with the oil and started to sauté.  When the veggies were tender I added in the Risotto rice and the bay leaf.


(This is by the way a Tefal Jamie Oliver pan. It is so good, probably one of the best things in my kitchen.)

 Okay to make risotto you need to have a vegetable broth hot and ready on hand so you can put it straight in to the pan to boil the rice. One ladle at a time.


Now it’s just to wait while every thing cooks down and when you see the rice have almost absorbed all of the broth you put one more ladles worth of broth in. This is sooo easy !

When the rice are ready and everything smells very nice in your house it is time to add the tomato and the coriander/cilantro leaves, some seasoning and nutritional yeast.

The final product is amazing. It’s so filling, with the nutritional yeast you can almost say it is cheesy. This is something I can eat again and again.


See how good it looks! I could eat more right now.

Recipe is for 3 people.

1 1/2 cup risotto rice 

1 onion

2 cloves Garlic

1 celery stalk

1 cup peppers (multi coloured is best)

1 cup carrots

half of a sweet potato

couple of mushrooms

1 tomato

1 bay leaf

a small broccoli head

2 Tbsp Nutritional Yeast 


Black pepper 

and last but not least

a hand full of coriander/cilantro leaves in the end.

I really hope you try this. Specially if it’s getting cold where you live like here in Iceland.

It was 6°c this morning in our car. Brrr very cold.

have a nice day guys and see you next time



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